Every year, in late December or early January, the Agricultural Cooperative of Vandellòs arranges this event on its premises in order to roll out the newly squeezed olive oil. It is an excellent opportunity to taste extra virgin olive oil, fruity and greenish, that is made from traditional varieties of olive: reguer and salivenca, in addition to arbequina.
If you participate, you can enjoy a lunch, where, besides tasting the freshest olive oil, you can have toast, sausages, bacon, herring, toasted hazelnuts, mandarins; pus wine and water.
This foodie feast generally includes an aioli contest, an open raffle and a sardana session. And if you want to buy oil during the party, you can do it at the local shop, which also sells other local products like nuts, olives and honey. More information at the Cooperative (Tel: 977 82 40 41).

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