They oftentimes say that “stones can speak”, so in L’Hospitalet de l’Infant and La Vall de Llors, there are a few villages and farms abandoned in the 20th century that offer some testimonies of rural life, dedicated to countryside, where there used to exist some extinct or nearly extinct trades.

This is the case of Castelló, located at the foot of the Dedalts cliff and revived with the Star Crib during the Yuletide and with the Rústic Festa in August. This is also the case of Fatxes, located under the Fatxes mountain pass and spread between the Montalt and Genessies mountains, with the latter captivating the interest of Masayuki Irie, a Tokyo-based architect who revamped two houses in the village, which brought him a Togo Murano Japanese architecture award. This is also the case of Remullà, to the north from Vandellòs, where you can rent a sports shelter. And also Gavadà, that preserves some ruins of a medieval round tower. All these villages but Fatxes have their own patronage festivals: Santa Llúcia in Castelló, Sant Miquel in Remullà, Santa Quitèria in Gavadà.

Regarding the farms, a good highlight is the Genessies farm, where you can find a 16th-century defence tower, quite modified nowadays and stuck to the farm’s building. Another interesting farm is Mas Valentí to the west from Vandellòs.

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