Medinaceli ducal archive preserves a parchment that is over three metres long that includes chapters about the foundation of the Coll de Balaguer inn (“hospital” in old Catalan), dating on 8 November, 1344. Its developer was Prince Pere (“infant Pere” in Catalan), son of King Jaume II and Queen Blanca d’Anjou. That’s why this old town has been known as L’Hospitalet de l’Infant. This inn is unique because it was founded as a place of rest and recovery, but over the time it became a fortress and the district’s architectural symbol and one of its main points of interest.

The bunkers and trenches in Coll de Balaguer (“coll” meaning a mountain pass in Catalan) played the main part in a different historical period, unrelated to the gothic inn. However nearly 80 years later after their construction, they stay intact, waiting for the battle that they never engage in. A complete defence system that includes hundreds of metres of trenches, several bunkers, a powder magazine and troop shelters. These are remnants of a branch of the defence lines designed by Vicente Rojo, the Republican army’s chief of the defence staff, to stop the National advancement towards Catalonia. Although these Civil-War Republican fortifications, located in Col de Balaguer, were never in use, they were once just about to play the main role towards the end of the war, because Franco’s marine staffs was planning to disembark its troops at the L’Hospitalet de l’Infant’s beaches.

These are two examples of what you can discover via L’Hospitalet de l’Infant and La Vall de Llors’ historical heritage, both through guided visits or just on your own. Ca La Torre is another example, which is Vandellòs’ most important manor house that is named after this architectural detail, the defence tower dating from the 16th century and declared a cultural object of national interest (BCIN).

Costa Daurada’s unique heritage that will help you better understand our present and to get to know the details of the evolution from a medieval and eminently rural society to the current model.

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